Maruthi Resources Group

Maruthi Resources Is a multinational company which is operating from Ivory Coast , West Africa having more than decade of experience in its portfolio. Maruthi has expanded its network across various continents and deals in a diversified portfolio of products / services that are classified as below and it continues.........

We are clasifying our services as below to our estemed clients around the globe

  • Import and export of agricultural commodities
  • Processing of Finished Cashew Kernals
  • Travel and tours services
  • Consulting and distribution of agricultural machines
  • Information Technology
  • Foundation Activities


  • To provide maximum customer satisfaction within the parameters of trade specifications
  • To invest in resources to maximize efficiency and to meet international quality standards and product safety.
  • To excel in product quality and maintain consistency with standards.
  • To minimize quality complaints through a system of audit.
  • To maximize productivity and minimize Rework